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Friday, 1 February 2013

1930's Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

So today I decided to sit down and kick start this here blog. At the weekend Matilda and I were experimenting a lot with my new camera and lighting (more on this later), and we thought that the best way to test the picture quality would be by doing a makeup tutorial, so here it is...

To start, make sure the skin is cleansed and well primed. For this look, it is important to start fresh faced.

Apply your foundation smoothly across the face being sure to blend well. Apply concealer to any blemishes, areas of redness and under the eyes. To finish, dust a light powder across the whole face.
Using an eyeshadow brush, dust the lid with a neutral shade with a light shimmer. Then using a smudge or blending brush, work some light brown towards the outer corner of the eye.
Next apply a fine black liner across the lash line.
Long fluttery eyelashes were very popular in those days so a lengthening clear mascara could be applied before the black. You could also use eyelash curlers to extend the lashes even more. After this apply a lot of black mascara.
Next, use a coral or rose coloured blush to contour and highlight the cheeks. A rosey complection was very fashionable in the '30's.
Eyebrows were extremely thin so fill them in using a pencil or brush.
Finally, finish the look with a light red gloss or shiny lipstick.

J and M x

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